Slime Mold Resistors (part 1)

I found Andrew Adamatzky’s research very helpful in getting to know slime mold at the intersection of biology and electronics. I’ve been trying to replicate ways to coax slime mold growth to make conductive wires as well. In an chapter contributed to Advances in Physarum Machines (2016) a book he also edited, Adamatzky reported that: In 25 experiments we measured […]

The Slime Mold Chronicles Introduction

Since January 2017 I became the happy parent of slime mold. Well, “happy” is how I felt when I took the petri dish that contained — it or them? more on that later — out of the box. Since then, there’s been a lot of mixed feelings: boisterous joys, puzzlement, misunderstandings, flashes of connections to media and communication theories, […]