How fast time (and slime mold) can pass by

I try to cultivate slime mold by regularly transferring small pieces of it in new plastic containers, hoping it will extend its plasmodial network all over the new dishes. However, not even 24 hours after the inoculation has been done, I’m puzzled to see only a small area of the dish visibly populated by the […]

How to make slime mold wire plates

The previous post introduced the idea of “desiccation shock” through Martin Grube’s contributed chapter in Advances in Physarum Machines (2016). I made slightly modified plates, with small bands of aluminum conductive tape protruding from the sides of the petri dishes to easily get a hold of them with alligator clips. Here’s a quick run through of what […]

Slime Mold Resistors (part 2)

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be invited to work on my dissertation and current projects at Matt Ratto’s Critical Making Lab. Since last week, I started bringing the slime mold growing on plates nested in a camera bag, underneath a box of electronic components — musing for a few seconds, every now and then along the way, on the […]