May 2016/Mai 2016:

Sarah Choukah is a doctoral candidate at the University of Montreal’s communications department, under professor Thierry Bardini’s supervision. Her research is situated at the intersection of philosophy, communication, media art and biology. It focuses on broadening the range of operations —such as transmission or storage—involved in the study of media. Her approach aims to heighten the value of practice-based research for media theory, media studies, media art and philosophy.

She can be reached at schoukah (AT) gmail (DOT) com



Sarah Choukah est candidate au doctorat au département de communication de l’Université de Montréal, sous la direction du professor Thierry Bardini. Sa recherche se situe à l’intersection de la philosophie, des études en communication, des arts médiatiques et de la biologie. Elle tente d’étendre ainsi d’étendre les champs d’application du concept de medium au delà de fonctions de transmission ou de support. Son approche vise à mieux intégrer théorie et pratique dans les champs des études et des arts médiatiques.

Contact courriel: schoukah (AT) gmail (DOT) com


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I’m doing a research internship at Waag Society’s open wetlab in Amsterdam, and together with Christian Schulz I did a workshop on Biotic Games, making kits that participants had to assemble. Mirela Alistar just told me that you have created a Paramecium Gameboy, would be curious to hear from it:)

    All the best,

    Roland van Dierendonck

    1. Hi Roland,

      I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to your email faster! I’ve neglected the website for a very long time and am only starting now to try and get back to it. If you’re still looking for info on biological games (your internship must have been over for a while now), there’s this really nice write up that Keith Comito wrote on biological games on Forbes that you can read on. I’ve put paramecia aside for a little bit and decided to focus instead on slime mold. Hopefully more on that on the website soon!



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