Oui, faster loading!

For years, I felt this website’s styling wasn’t exactly, just-the-right-way-right. I occasionally burst into frenzied tinkering with css in frustration. Then I put the blog aside altogether, resolved to learn more about CSS while I kept a local blog on Emacs. I hoped that with a break from publishing and more practice, I would get back to blogging transformed. I thought I’d finally get the power to tweak everything to my heart’s content.

Time gave me another way to appreciate the difficult and arcane art of exacting, fine control over little details.

Transitioning from Scrivener or Word to Emacs for Mac OS Mortals

I came late into this game. I didn’t write python scripts when I was in kindergarten. I didn’t hack into my high school’s camera security system. My aim in this post is to show you that you equally don’t need to be a master hacker or whiz coder to get closer to your writing machine. …

How fast time (and slime mold) can pass by

I try to cultivate slime mold by regularly transferring small pieces of it in new plastic containers, hoping it will extend its plasmodial network all over the new dishes. However, not even 24 hours after the inoculation has been done, I’m puzzled to see only a small area of the dish visibly populated by the …