I felt overworked from a postdoctoral grant application submitted this week. So on Friday I rewarded myself: fired up my raspberry pi 2 and started tinkering with shooting Physarum.

I wanted to get a few, first results, quick. I taped the picamera inside of a 16oz deli container dish of nicely growing slime mold.

But the first shots I took with raspistill were pretty blurry:

I started looking into that, and found Jeff Geerling’s post on manually adjusting the focus on v2 picameras. Took some long-nose pliers out and started delicately turning the picamera lens counter-clockwise.

After a few typed commands (I used raspistill -ISO 800 -o slime.jpg) and more turns on the lens, I got to something more interesting.

But still not there yet. Next steps will be to have slime mold growing in a taller container (say a 16oz). That should allow for a better view and more light. I’ll also play on different raspistill settings to adjust temperature and sharpness.

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