You’ll need napa cabbage, and you’ll add whatever you have at the moment that suits the need of making kimchi. That time I added peppers, bok choi and it turned out most important of all eggplant. I now fish for the eggplant whenever I open that kimchi jar.

So grab what you have, including about a half a head of salted and washed napa cabbage and add:


– about 1/3 cup of light (usukuchi) soy sauce

– just as much fish sauce

– a full bunch of green onion, with the stalks, minced the way you want

– julienned carrots and/or daikon radish

– around 1/3 cup of korean red pepper flakes or powder

– lots of ginger, I don’t measure; I just love the sting

– garlic, to taste (I also put a lot, it’s on par with ginger)

– 3 tbsp of sugar

– some korean red pepper paste if you have it on hand (for an extra hint of colour and fire in the mouth)

– 2 tsps shrimp preserved in brine

– eggplant, as much as you want

– red pepper, as much as you have

– bok choy (it adds both colour and crunch)


Put everything together so ingredients get to mix and enzymes do their thing on the counter for two-three days, then when you see the bubbles fuzz you can store it in the fridge and appreciate the goodness of as the kimchi ages.

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