Two experiments were combined in one. First I wanted some way to cook meat glued parts to test out the transglutaminase. I also wanted to figure out how to cook a Moroccan tagine in a rice cooker. Turned out both were successful and delicious.

In a rice cooker combine:

– chicken or any scraps broth (recipe to come), enough to fully immerse the meat completely.
– 1 tsp or more turmeric
– 1 pinch saffron
– pepper to taste
– salt to taste
– at least 1 tsp ginger
– garlic, as much as you want
– cilantro, chopped
– chopped fresh parsley
– preserved lemon, one or two depending on size. For small lemons use two.
– generous stack of minced onion
– olives, to taste, I like a lot of manzanilla olives, the cheap kind stuffed with small pieces of peper (or is tomato?)
– 3 Frankenstein meat glued rolls (recipe to come).

You’ll need a rice cooker that has at least a « white rice » and a « keep warm » setting. Set the rice cooker to white rice first. When you notice it’s bubbling up put it to « keep warm », then forget about it. For hours, ideally the whole night and then a few hours more in the morning. It’ll be ready for lunch.

Prepare mashed potatoes from dry mix but don’t bother with hot water: use the tagine broth: it’ll have soaked up all the spice, herb and meat flavour. The turmeric will dye everything it’s on a really nice yellow. It’s a good sign and it’s good for you.

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